About ADS Finland Oy
Business activity:

The company is engaged in the construction of raw materials, as well as the purchase of metal products and services and sales activities, commission trade, commercial brokerage, export and import, dealing in stocks, real estate and securities, as well as training and consulting services.

ADS Finland Oy is a project management specialist knowledge company.

A project from concept to completion:
- Analysis of the business idea
- Business Plans
- Feasibility studies
- Financial statements and expertise
- Stakeholder Consultations
- Offer Accounting Services
- Sub-contracting and logistics diagnostics
- Commercial negotiations
- Project Design
- Implementation of these projects as a full service or billing-made
- Project Partnership Services 

Quality management systems
ADS Finland Oy has quality management policy according the following standards:
- AS9100;2015
- ISO EN 9001;2015
- ISO EN 14001; 2015
- OHSAS 18001;2007
- ISO EN 15489-1; 2007
- Code of Conduct

ADS Finland Oy